Why we started Swarkul?

Why we started Swarkul Music Academy?

Every startup or new initiation should have some story behind in it. It is like a creation of new music or poem or birth of a human into the earth. Swarkul Music Academy has no Exception. Swarkul has its own reason and story for its birth too. Do you think the reason would be it’s a lucrative business that earns lot of money or proud of owning a music academy in the community? Big NO. Then what?

Let’s get into more detail…

My partner and myself personally experienced the difficulties in finding a right guru to learn music in USA and abroad. Even if we find a teacher, the cost of learning a music is unimaginably high to afford for a long time. There is no shadow of doubts that Music transcends any barriers and it cannot be valued. Any money and time spend for a right music worth the life.

But what happens if I have a thrust to learn the music and but not able spend much due to my financial condition?

What happens if an adult or kids wants to try some genre of music to start with before knowing whether he/she can pursue the same passion without burning their wallet?

What happens, music is just my relaxing technique which I use to burst my stress out that caused due to my work pressure and day to day life.

What happens, if I just want to learn music as my hobby only to perform in a local community program for a recreational/entertainment purposes.

Last but not least, landing in a right genre of music is always a tough decision. Indian Music is like an Ocean. So many varieties in Vocal and instruments exist. Identify a right vocal genre or an instrument that speaks to our soul is always a challenging and tough decision. So why should I need to pay the hefty fees for the class before to get the grip of music or to identify my right music genre?

Being an Indian, living in a Foreign land, it is also a daunting task to identify a right Guru to learn the music. Getting a Guru is always the God’s blessings. Swarkul just wanted to be a polite messenger in connecting the music learners with right Guru.

Here is the Swarkul Borned!

Let’s spread the music for the inner peace and to enthrall other’s happy.

Swarkul Music Academy

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